SOS Divers

This is Stourport Divers’ and SOS Divers’ official website

Hi, I’m Althea Rannie

Please allow me to introduce you to “STOURPORTDIVERS” and the exciting sport of “SCUBA DIVING”,

Stourport Divers is based at Stourport, near Kidderminster in the Wyre Forest area of Worcestershire and we offer SCUBA Dive courses and Try-a-Dives (12 to adult)

The club uses a beautiful 5.5 metre fully equipped dive boat throughout the summer months to dive many locations around the uk coast. Pleasure and training day trips to inland dive sites are also arranged throughout the year and during the winter months we organize dive holidays to warmer countries like Egypt, Malta and Cyprus etc,

To learn “lots more” about the exciting sport of SCUBAdiving, the benefits of being a club member and the training schedule or if you have any questions regarding Stourport Divers or learning to dive please E-mail me on